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It is necessary for equine friends to receive dental care to maintain their well-being and oral health. At Wetaskiwin Veterinary Hospital, we offer equine dental treatments with a gentle approach. Our veterinarians and our dedicated staff help your animal achieve and maintain optimal oral health by providing the following veterinary dental services: 

Dental Care for Foals 

As your young horse matures, it loses its deciduous teeth, also known as milk teeth. While this is expected, handlers are advised to check for problematic teeth. Occasionally, a milk tooth can become only partially dislodged, which could lead to an infection. Signs a deciduous tooth is hindering the development of a permanent tooth are:

Head tossing
Bad breath
Spilling grain while eating
Drooling or foaming

If your foal/ young horse is displaying any of these symptoms, our veterinarians provide thorough dental examinations and can remove the milk tooth if necessary. 

Dental Care for Mature Horses

One of the most common dental issues experienced by an equine animal is the formation of sharp tooth edges as the horse ages. These teeth can act as hooks and may cut into the cheeks and tongue creating painful lesions. Our veterinarians recommend owners bring their horses in for routine check-ups to determine whether floating, a process to remove these sharp points, is necessary. Annual floating is recommended to maintain a happy & functional equine mouth!

Equine Dental Care at Wetaskiwin Veterinary Hospital

Your animal’s health is our staff’s primary concern. Before beginning any procedures, a thorough analysis of your horse’s previous dental history, including their training or eating disabilities, is performed. An assessment of their current oral condition is also completed to create a treatment plan unique to their needs.

Our mission is to maximize your horse’s relaxation while they receive proper dental care. We strive to both protect their health and ensure they feel at-ease while receiving treatment. Proper dental floating means your animal gains optimal bite function and are comfortable every day. 

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Drs. Foulston and Eliason are committed to helping your animal in restoring and maintaining their oral health. For more information about our dental treatments for horses in Wetaskiwin, contact us today!


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