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A pet that is healthy is one that can comfortably enjoy life to its fullest capacity. Wetaskiwin Veterinary Hospital is committed to preserving the well-being of animals through comprehensive care. We believe keeping pet owners informed and proactively involved in their pet’s health is an essential part of maintaining wellness.


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New to the Family

For owners who have a recently added a dog or cat to their family, we provide education on how to properly meet their health needs and promote their long-term wellness. It is important to remember that, like children, young animals immune systems are in development. To help pets grow up healthy and form a strong bond with their owners, we offer guidance on proper house training techniques, dental care practices, deworming regimens, and dietary requirements.

Wellness Exams

When you bring your furry companion to our Wetaskiwin office, we begin with a head-to-tail physical examination. This allows our veterinarians to assess the health of your animal while providing you with additional suggestions for at-home care routines. Dr. Ross Foulston and Dr. Christy Eliason work with owners to develop a health treatment plan to maintain the wellness of their pet.

Physical assessments allow our veterinarians to proactively treat any upcoming or developing issues. Bringing your dog or cat in for routine examinations allow us to provide them with comprehensive care so they can enjoy a happy and comfortable life.

Wellness visits may also involve running blood and urine tests, allowing our veterinary team to monitor any changes in your pet’s health. Dr. Foulston and Dr. Eliason can detect even subtle differences from the results of these tests, looking at the concentration of glucose, cholesterol, and other proteins that could uncover the cause behind issues ranging from chronic fatigue to potential internal organ damage. The earlier problems are identified, the easier it is for us to help your pet get back to their energetic, lovable self.


Our Wetaskiwin veterinary practice provides vaccinations for your furry companion, including Rabies and Bordetella vaccines. We also have the Distemper/Hepatitis/Parvo/Parainfluenza/Corona combination vaccine series available at our office for kittens and puppies. Once your pet has turned one, we can work with you to customize any additional vaccines to ensure that their health is safeguarded.

Spay and Neuter

Having your dog or cat spayed or neutered comes with many benefits, including:

  • Longer life span
  • Decreased risk for some forms of cancer
  • Less likely to run away from home
  • Better behavior with fewer instances of aggression and displays of dominance

At our Wetaskiwin office, we determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery before performing any procedure. We do our best to ensure both pets and their owners are comfortable and confident in the treatment we provide. Our team provides pet parents with the information regarding surgery as well as care instructions prior to and following the procedure.

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Dr. Foulston and Dr. Eliason provide services to maintain your pets’ well-being, helping them lead a joyful life. For more information about regular wellness visits at our Wetaskiwin veterinary practice, contact us today!


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